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What is Minerva Canada Safety Management Education Inc.?

A non-profit volunteer-run organization, Minerva Canada, aims to be a global leader in health and safety management education by influencing the curriculum of post-secondary institutions to ensure that future business leaders create healthier and safer workplaces.
The only organization of its kind, it:
  • advocates for increased inclusion of health and safety concepts in business and engineering curricula
  • educates the educators by providing business and engineering professors and instructors in universities and colleges with practical, curriculum-ready tools and initiatives
  • forges partnerships with governments, associations and accreditation boards
  • connects educators with Canada’s business enterprises to learn what industry seeks from new graduates entering the workforce and how health and safety management concepts are being applied in the workplace.
Several of Minerva’s resources and activities are provided free of charge to educators, financially supported by our roster of blue-chip corporate, organizational and government sponsors.


Latest News

Minerva launches a new Rising Star Award
Minerva Canada is pleased to announce the launch of its new Rising Star Award as part of Canada’s Safest Employer Awards competition and overseen by Key Media.
This award recognizes leaders of the future with a demonstrated commitment to the Integration of health and safety. Eligible nominees include full time post secondary students from Canadian universities or colleges in undergraduate, graduate, or coop programs as well as employees with 2 or less years of work experience since graduation. The submission will describe a particular project or initiative the nominee(s) has initiated/developed/implemented or played an integral role in. It can address either a physical object (device, machine or system), a process, a tool, a methodology including for teaching H&S or increasing H&S awareness, a H&S management system or an issue pertaining to organizational culture or Health and Safety performance. For more information on how to register and necessary submission details.

Minerva launches New Online Course 400 and Leadership Course
Eight new online Health and Safety modules within Course 400 are now available to any teaching institution or organization with a licensing agreement to access Minerva’s four online courses with its 28 modules. More details about the online courses and accessing them can be found here. Minerva will be conducting several pilots over the next 6 months with some of its sponsoring organizations, Trade Schools and small to medium size firms. These pilots will provide access to employees and students for training purposes and to identify the needed modules for a Minerva Leadership certificate course in Health and Safety. Launch of the new Leadership Course is planned for October.

Minerva makes arrangements for individual students and company employees to access the Minerva e-courses
With the Minerva-OSPE partnership, interested students, professional association members, and employees whose school or organization does not have a Minerva licensing agreement can now gain access to Minerva’s eLearning courses and modules in Health and Safety. More information on costs and registering for the courses can be obtained by visiting MY OSPE website.


Upcoming Events

February 28, 2022: Launch of Minerva Rising Star Award by Key Media.
March 2, 2022: Minerva Webinar on Managing Change in Culture, How We Learn.
March 2022: Launch of eLearning Course 400.
March – September, 2022: Launch of Industry Employee Pilots using Minerva online courses.
April 6, 2022: Minerva - OSPE Lunch and Learn - Business Case for Safety.
April 22, 2022: Submission date for Rising Star Award.
June 2022: Minerva Webinar on Redefining the Workplace.
August 2022: Rising Star winner announced.
October 2022: Rising Star Award winner presentation.
October 2022: Launch of Minerva Online Leadership Certificate Course in Health and Safety.

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