What We Do

Minerva Canada, a non-profit volunteer-run organization, aims to be a global leader in health and safety management education by influencing the curriculum of post-secondary institutions to ensure that future engineers and business leaders create healthier and safer workplaces.

Our mandate is based on our core set of beliefs. We believe that:

  • All workplace incidents are preventable and that healthy occupational environments are achievable.
  • Education is a key component of incident prevention and sustained occupational health.
  • Industry thrives when workplaces are healthy and incident-free.
  • We will achieve a long-term and sustainable reduction in Canada’s incident and injury frequency through bringing best practices, resources of incident prevention to the post-secondary education system and to industry Heath and Safety training programs
  • All workers should be aware of their rights and responsibilities with respect to health and safety.

We provide initiatives and resources that assist colleges and universities to train tomorrow’s leaders in the skills of incident and injury prevention.

The only organization of our kind, we raise awareness and strive to make occupational health and safety (H&S) a mindset by:

  • Championing the cause. We advocate for increased inclusion of health and safety concepts in post-secondary curricula by targeting administrators and academics in order to instil a culture of safety in tomorrow’s workplaces.
  • Educating the educators and industry. We provide business and professors and instructors in universities and colleges with practical, curriculum-ready tools and initiatives.
  • Forging partnerships. We create alliances with government, health and safety associations, industry associations and accreditation boards to support their H&S educational strategies.
  • Connecting key players. We deliver the messages and learnings of a changing industrial climate to post-secondary educators and connect them with Canada’s business enterprises.
  • Reinforcing the message. We conduct webinars and provide awards and sponsor competitions for post secondary students and newly employed graduates  to engage them in proactively adopting the principles of health and safety management.
  • Facilitating communications. We bring together corporations, governments and post-secondary institutions to foster a health and safety culture in Canada.

Several of Minerva’s resources and activities are provided free of charge to educators, financially supported by our roster of blue-chip corporate, organizational and government sponsors.