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Minerva Case Studies
The Minerva Canada case studies found on this website are for educational purposes and can be reproduced free of charge without the permission of Minerva Canada. They can also be used or referenced in any periodicals, research papers or textbooks used for educational purposes. They cannot be distributed, sold for commercial purposes or modified without the express written permission of Minerva Canada. A summary of each case study, providing subjects where they may be included into the curriculum of Engineering and Business Schools, can be found here.

Actual Case studies
pdf Lafarge Cement – developing a social license
pdf Managing Safety, Health and Environment at SNC Lavalin
pdf General Motors: Achieving and Maintaining World-Class Leadership
pdf Canadian Pacific Railway Company: Early and Safe Return to Work
pdf Dofasco Inc.
pdf Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital
pdf Seven Oaks General Hospital
pdf Seven Oaks General Hospital Condensed
pdf INCO Levak Part A
pdf Cover shield failure and falling incident
pdf Noble Corporation Project Windmill
Minerva ICBC Business Student Competition
pdf Cannabis at Construction Ready
pdf Beating the Odds
pdf Tragedy at the Terminal
pdf Tragedy at Clearly Convenience – A Young Worker’s Dilemma
pdf Harvesting Disaster at River Rock Farm
pdf Greenbelt Trucking
pdf Event Tent Rentals
pdf Amazonia Delivery Services
pdf San Jose Mining Company
pdf Code Red
pdf Recovering from SARS
pdf Putting Out Fires: Northern Lights Energy
pdf The Long Haul: Sustaining Growth and Safety at Traxall
pdf Caesar Foundries Industries
pdf China Lucky Star Mining Company
pdf Keefer Restaurant
pdf Tosi Industries
Minerva – CIAC Engineering Student Competition
pdf Employee Hand Thermal Burn Incident – Case Study
pdf Risk Management for Cyanide Handling – Case Study
Other Case Studies
pdf National Rubber Part A
pdf Development of an Enhanced Ceiling Fan: An Engineering Design Case Study Highlighting Health, Safety and the Environment
pdf Engineering hs module
pdf Automotive Plastics Part A
pdf Storey Energy

Instructor notes

Instructor notes for many of our Case Studies are free and available to academics only. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password at the login screen. If you do not have a password, click here to request access.

Interested in Writing a Case Study or Teaching Module for Minerva Canada?

Minerva Safety Management Education encourages and sponsors the research and publication of Case Studies and Teaching Modules, illustrating business effectiveness through Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) management. These resources are intended for use as teaching tools, demonstrating that SHE management has positive business outcomes such as improved profitability, reduced incidents and improved labour relations, productivity and quality.

When used in teaching, Case Studies enhance participants’ understanding of the interrelationship of SHE management with the events depicted and with the internal and external forces upon a business. Learning takes place through discussion of opinions within the student group.

Minerva also encourages and sponsors the research, development and publication of new Teaching Modules pertinent for new graduates entering the workplace and where current student teaching material is not readily available .

Check out the Minerva guidelines for Teaching Modules and Case Studies and funding available for university or college professors or graduate students interested in developing a Teaching Module  for Minerva Canada.