Why Become a Sponsor

Help Shape Your Future Leaders

Why does Minerva need funds?

The only organization of our kind, Minerva Canada is a non-profit volunteer-run organization, aiming to be a global leader in health and safety management education by influencing the curriculum of post-secondary institutions to ensure that future business leaders are equipped to create healthier and safer workplaces.

All resources and activities are provided free of charge to educators. Being a non-profit, we rely on the ongoing financial support from industry, government, and health and safety professional associations to advance our annual educational programs and activities.

Our sponsor organizations know that in order to reduce the human and financial costs of incidents and injuries in order to compete on the global stage, Canada needs an educated workforce and future leaders who are well-rounded problem solvers.

They also know that by supporting Minerva Canada, they get:

  • Access to the Minerva Learning Forum presentations and Minerva’s Teaching Modules for training their employees
  • Access to Minerva’s academic partners and participation in worthwhile health and safety work projects and case studies
  • Access to online H&S certificate program for certain number of employees based on level of financial sponsorship of this program
  • Support for the development of future business leaders who will advance their enterprises’ success by understanding the fundamentals of – and business case for – occupational health and safety management and who will champion the advancement of these priorities across their organizations.
  • The development of a future engaged workforce that will promote a culture of health and safety and incident prevention by producing future leaders who will champion these priorities.
  • An opportunity to educate academia about what industry seeks from new graduates entering the workplace in order to be well-rounded problem solvers.
  • An avenue to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and commitment to occupational health and safety within their organizations by supporting Minerva initiatives.
  • An educated workforce, equipped to help organizations thrive and compete on the global stage.
  • The opportunity to share industry best practices across the country in health and safety and business management.

Minerva’s new online certificate program sponsorship
In 2019, Minerva has initiated a one time fund raising campaign to raise $450,000 needed in the development of its four online Health and Safety courses. There will be Platinum, Gold and Silver levels of sponsorship ($25,000, $10,000, $5,000 respectively). Sponsors will be given access to the online program for a certain number of employees based on the level of sponsorship (Platinum- 15 employees, Gold – 6 employees, Silver – 3 employees) . More details about our online certificate program can be found here.

Join our growing roster of blue-chip corporate, organizational and government sponsors. Donations can be earmarked for a specific program or put towards our overall annual activities. The choice is yours. We invite you to take a few moments to browse through our website to find out more about the value that Minerva brings to workplaces and what we deliver. Then, contact us to learn how you too can help create a safer and healthier Canadian workforce.