Student Testimonials

The following are some reflections from post secondary students and employees upon completion of some or all of the Minerva eLearning modules.

Very informative and well put together training program. I am glad to have had the opportunity to complete this!

The content was amazing. I am a seasoned safety professional with multiple designations and I learned a lot from this!! I really enjoyed the learning when I was required to “click on a picture to learn more”. The format of expanding different items within a page was also great.

Thank you for widening my knowledge that can be used for a lifetime.

This was a very educational training program!

This was a GREAT refresher for Importance of Health and Safety.

I have learned a lot. I think that this program was a good fit for my team.

I treat this training seriously as I understand that missing a portion of the health and safety aspects of a project may result in severe damage to workers and to the environment.

Health and safety should be regarded as our top priorities. I would say that this Minerva training is very important. Everyone should take this training seriously.

Without health and safety, there is no way of conducting a project. Minerva’s Health and safety training lay the foundation of everything we do and they both must be regarded with the utmost importance.

My attitude changed after the training. Before I thought it was not that important but now health and safety are always number one in my mind.

I was not aware of the methods available to us in analyzing and controlling safety around products and workspaces. Now I have a good solid foundation to refer to.

My attitude changed as I have more knowledge about safety in workplaces after the modules and I think it is more important to pay attention to the safety of the employees and all the possible risks there are in the workplace.

The module that impacted me most was the legislative one. I was surprised and impressed by how the government takes strict measures to protect workers from unsafe organization practices. Many of the points mentioned here are eye-openers especially for those who employ workers under their organization.