Online Certificate Program

Minerva Online Health and Safety Certificate Introductory Training Program

The Minerva Health and Safety (H&S) Certificate Introductory training program consists of 9 of Minerva’s 28 modules with a total of 18-23 hours of engaging content and testing from Minerva’s four Health and Safety online courses. For a list of Minerva’s 28 modules and its introductory course, see here. The 9 modules will be located on Bluedrop’s Skills Pass platform where participants will be given a link to register and access the modules. Bluedrop is a partner with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training, Skills Development and along with the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services are Minerva’s partners with this training program.

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Mineral Resources Industry Leadership Certificate Program
In 2021, Laurentian University’s Goodman School of Mines successfully launched its two-year leadership program offering students and Mineral Resources employees leadership training and certificates including one on Health and Safety. Several of Minerva’s online modules are used in this program.
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At the Fall 2017 meeting of Canadian Engineering Deans, Minerva Canada received much support to proceed with the development of an online e-learning Health and Safety certificate program for engineering undergraduate students. They were presented with the compelling case for this program including letters of support from many of Minerva’s industry, government, professional association sponsors together with preliminary details and content for the program. In December 2017, twelve universities partnered with Minerva in its development and implementation. In 2018, Minerva initiated the development of an online e-learning certificate program and selected the University of Fredericton to work with Minerva and its 12 university partners to design the first of four online e-learning courses.

Scope of the Minerva Online Certificate Program for University Engineering Schools

The online program contains 4 courses of 6 hours each complete with assignments and quizzes. It will address the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) requirements in Health and Safety for Engineering Schools. Learning objectives will be defined for each module. The content material for the four courses will focus on 8 key domains for Health and Safety engineering student competencies. The content for the modules shall be taken from Minerva’s 24 Teaching Modules with added material provided to address some of the topics. The material covered in each of the four courses will contain core material for all students as well as discipline specific content for a certain engineering discipline.

Details of the Minerva Online Program

A “white paper” was prepared by Minerva outlining the compelling case for this online program for Engineering Schools, the 8 key focus areas , the desired engineering student competencies in each of these areas, the role of Minerva’s university contacts and the features of the online program. A summary of this information is shown here.

Details and FAQ’s of the Online Courses and Modules

More information to some frequently asked questions including program features, a listing of modules in each course, licensing fees etc. can be found here.

Enrollment of Canadian Colleges into the Minerva Online Certificate Program

Some College departments have subscribed to Minerva’s online courses in 2021 with very positive feedback. Minerva will continue its discussions with College Deans and their staff within Technology, OHS, and Trade School programs to demonstrate the value of incorporating any of these modules into their curriculum as well as micro credential opportunities for their students.

New eLearning Leadership Certificate Course in Health and Safety

A new online Minerva Leadership Certificate course that will incorporate about half of the 28 modules is expected by June 2023. Participant survey input from various Minerva Canada employee, student pilots and its 2022-23 introductory training program will be used to finalize the needed modules. It is anticipated that this course will benefit training in different industry sectors, especially small to medium size firms. It will also provide opportunities for a micro-credential in Health and Safety to individuals in post secondary schools and others.