Minerva Canada Forums and Webinars

First held in Sarnia in 2004 as a three -day Summer Institute workshop, today Minerva’s annual Learning Forums introduce engineering and business faculty from universities and colleges across Canada to the vital concepts of health and safety management for integration into the curricula.

These now one-day sessions, usually held at a university or college in April-June, bring together professors, post-grad students and lecturers to discuss the various principles, theories, best practices and applications related to workplace health and safety. A wide array of presentations from industry, government and academia representatives cover how Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHE) concepts are being applied in the workplace. This opportunity allows university professors, graduate students and academics to hear what industry and government desire from new graduates entering the workplace.

Forums include a discussion of the Minerva Health and Safety Student Teaching Modules and case studies currently available or being developed by Minerva and Canadian universities and colleges. Forums also provide an opportunity for professors to network with colleagues across the country and discuss how best to introduce SHE into the engineering or business school curriculum of Canadian learning institutions.

The Forums especially benefit professors who have not been exposed to industrial safety standards, SHE management systems, regulations, etc. Attendees leave with a better understanding of current SHE fundamentals and the business case for them. They also leave theses forums with various teaching materials and tools they can use and immediately integrate into their courses.

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