Minerva Canada helps governments reduce the human and financial costs of incidents and injuries by enabling future graduates to be well-rounded problem solvers.

What we deliver to Canadian governments at the provincial, municipal and federal levels

  • Support for the development of future leaders who will advance their enterprises’ success by understanding the fundamentals of and the business case for occupational health and safety management and who will champion the advancement of these priorities across their organizations.
  • The development of a future workforce that will promote a culture of health and safety and incident prevention by producing future leaders who will champion these priorities.
  • An opportunity to educate academia about what government and industry seek from new graduates entering government and industry workplaces in order to be well-rounded problem solvers.
  • An avenue to demonstrate government commitment to occupational health and safety by supporting Minerva initiatives.
  • An educated workforce, equipped to help organizations thrive and compete on the global stage.

All resources and activities are provided free of charge to educators, financially supported by our roster of blue-chip corporate, organizational and government sponsors. Here is how you can get involved.